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Early bird registration                                                                   150  USD
Approximate 6 months ahead (deadline April 30th, 2015)

Regular registration                                                                       175  USD
Approximate 4 months ahead (deadline June 30th, 2015)

Late registration                                                                              220  USD
Within 1 month before symposium (deadline September 30th, 2015)

* Registration fee includes the attendance and packages of the conference, all meals, two banquets local transportation in Chumphon province and field trip. It does NOT include accommodation and transportation from Bangkok to Chumphon province. 

** If you avoid some kinds of food (i.e. vegetarian, pork avoidance, etc.) in any reason, you should note it in the registration form (special requirements).
Please download and use the Registration Form

Please submit to the Registration Committee by email
(register.arrcn2015@yahoo.com) no later than 30 September 2015.

The registration fees, accommodation and transfer cost will inform you by Registration Committee via e.mail(register.arrcn2015@yahoo.com) and follow the instruction in the register accepted letter.
For further information, please visit http://www.theflywayfoundation.or.th/the_arrcn.html

Dr.Kaset Sutasha
Secretary of ARRCN Symposium 2015, Thailand

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