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ARRCN Bazaar 2015

Sawasdee friends and colleagues,

I know you are all quite busy but please do find the few minutes to read this email and take necessary action.  Please do not leave these to the last minute.  The ARRCN symposium 2015 is just a week away and we need to remind you of some urgent actions relating to the ARRCN symposium 2015.  Organizing Committee will try to help as best we can so send us a note if you need any help or have a question at arrcn.thailand2015@gmail.com 

ARRCN Bazaar:
For all, as usual each country representative is expected to have a booth at the ARRCN Bazaar where you could display your materials, information, products.  It is an opportunity for you to share your organizations' conservation work to the rest of the ARRCN partnership and vise versa.   Please do not forget to bring along ONLY the suitable materials as we hope you will not leave any excess materials behind.  We do not like to see precious awareness raising materials in the rubbish bins of the hotels because you/or people are unable to bring them back.  Organizing Committee will help remind you of the dimensions of the booths and materials available that you can use so please liaise with our directly if you need further help.  For those who plan to show a video or something else more technical than posters and paper based materials, then please make sure you have your own laptop (with batteries and speakers available) as am not sure how much power plug connections will be available.  Again Organizing Committee can inquire about this for anyone who plans to do this.  Please make sure you can actually use what you plan to bring BEFORE you go by contacting Organizing Committee so we can help check for you. 

May I also remind you to at least bring a national dress to the ARRCN Bazaar (if possible) And as before, don't forget the Asian foodies, snack, clothes or drinks to share with ARRCN partners from around the world as well.  A number of donors/other international organizations (none ARRCN) may be joining the symposium, so don't forget your business cards.  
From this day,  I will send be sending out reminders to all of you which relates to the ARRCN symposium 2015 so please do not disregard them as they will be necessary messages relating to how the ARRCN symposium 2015 will proceed for the delegates from Asia.  Many of you will be attending for the first time so please do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Committee staff if you need any other help or information.  

Many thanks for your usual cooperation.

Best regards,
Dr.Kaset Sutasha
Secretary of ARRCN Symposium 2015, Chumphon, Thailand

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