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Volunteer raptor counters sought for Khao Dinsor September–November 2015

          Khao Dinsor, in Chumphon Province, S. Thailand, is the pre-eminent site in SE Asia from which to study the spectacular migration of over 280,000 raptors of 25 species. For 11 weeks each year, during September to November, the migration is monitored by local interns and a count coordinator, funded by the Flyway Foundation. Some capture and banding of raptors is also conducted by researchers. Most members of the team are accommodated locally in a house rented by the Flyway Foundation, and transport to and from accommodation to the field site is provided free of charge.

          If you enjoy counting, watching and identifying raptors and other diurnal migrant birds please consider joining us for a week or two as boarding visitors. For only US20.00 per day, you will have accommodation, transportation, and good company provided, and the satisfaction of contributing to a worthwhile endeavour in a scenically spectacular area. Your financial help will also enable The Flyway Foundation project to be sustainable. The minimum stay should be at least one week (and ideally longer). Volunteers are expected to assist local watchers to identify and count migrants, and in addition, those with appropriate experience may also have the opportunity to assist with mist-netting and banding on occasion. Booking will be completed after donation banking transfer.

           Boarding visitors should be physically fit (it is a steep, 20-30 minute, climb to the observation site); have their own optical instruments (binoculars, camera/telephoto lens and telescope if possible). Volunteers should be experienced birdwatchers, preferably with previous experience in the tropics. The cost includes free accommodation and local transport (but not food). In addition, applicants should also cover their own travel to and from Chumphon and should have a valid tourist visa and health insurance. To submit your application, or for further information, please contact Dr. Chuenchom Hanasuta < > We would like to know you more through a brief CV and a letter of reference.

1. Khao Dinsor is the pre-eminent site in SE Asia for observing southwards raptor migration, with over 280,000 raptors of 25 species passing the site each autumn. The count site offers panoramic views over a scenic coastline.
2. The Flyway Foundation is a non-profit body which helps promote appreciation of Thai fauna through supporting conservation-oriented research by both Thai and foreign scientists. Its current focus is with Chumphon Raptor Center to study migration of birds, especially raptors, in the Upper South region.
3. By choosing to assist in the raptor-counting programme at Khao Dinsor you can make a real contribution to the development of this premier bird observatory site in southern Thailand, thereby helping promote awareness of the conservation and study of migratory birds.

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